Our team of venture builders

Francois Lafortune

Co-founder & CEO

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Paul Desmarais III

Co-founder & Chairman

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Guillaume Marion

Partner & COO

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Amélie Foz-Couture

Partner, Venture Creation

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Frederic Latreille


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Pierre Donaldson


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Ken Nguyen

Partner, Head of Crypto

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Sarah Caraman

Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Justin Corbishley

Chief of Staff to the CEO

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Michael Amar

Chief of Staff to the COO

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Sophie-Rose Tanguay

Executive Assistant to the CEO

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Dan Su

Vice-President, Legal Affairs & Chief Compliance Officer

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Jeremy Vocino-Montpetit

Senior Director, Finance

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Mihai Ciorba

Manager, Finance & Accounting

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Damien Faille

Staff Accountant

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Militsa Paunova

Head of Talent & HR

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Kelsea Donovan

HR & Talent Manager

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Chadi Shehata

Senior Principal, Investment

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Emily Haniotis

Associate, Investment

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Florent Arès

Analyst, Investment

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Gaurav Kapoor

Sr. Principal, Venture Creation

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Marc Alain Guilbert

Principal, Venture Creation

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Valentina Tacchi

Operations Manager, Venture Creation

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Jean-Philippe Carmona

Senior Associate, Innovation

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Jeremie Bedard

Senior Associate, Venture Creation

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Mingze Deng

Associate, Venture Creation

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Amin Sammara

Associate, Venture Creation

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Emily Tiessen

Analyst, Venture Creation

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Dan Robichaud


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Hamnett Hill


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Mike Cegelski


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Adam D'Angelo

CEO of Quora, Former CTO of Facebook

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Adam Felesky

President Portag3 Ventures, Founder & Former CEO Horizons ETFs

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Ajay Royan

Managing General Partner & Founder Mithril Capital

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Allen Lau

CEO and Co-Founder – Wattpad

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Anatol von Hahn

General Partner & Chairman – The Group Ventures

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Andrew Burgess

Managing Director, Russell Square Partners

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Andrea Johnson

Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

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Andrew Chisholm

Former Global Head Financial Institutions at Goldman Sachs, Board Director at RBC

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Anthony Lacavera

Founder & Chairman at Globalive Holdings, Founder & Former CEO at WIND Mobile

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Anthony Tjan

CEO and Managing Partner – The Cue Ball Group

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Angela Strange

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

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Adam Daifallah

Co-Founder & Partner at HATLEY Strategy Advisors

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Brendan Holt Dunn

CEO – Holdun Family Office

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Brice Scheschuk

CEO at Globalive Capital, Co-Founder & Former CFO of WIND Mobile

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Bob Conconi

Co-Founder & Former President/CEO Canadian Securities Registration Systems

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Anuja Royan

Managing Director at Mithril360

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Carrie Russell

Former EVP & CMO at D+H

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Daniel Wittlin

CEO at Vault Mortgage Corp, Former CEO of EcoHome Financial

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Bruce Heyman

Former United States Ambassador to Canada

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David Waddell

CEO and Board member – Eclo Investments and WAD

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Dax DaSilva

Founder & CEO, Lightspeed

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Devon Galloway

Co-Founder & CTO, Vidyard

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David Little

Managing Partner – Ottawa, Dentons Canada LLP

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Eric Lemieux

Founder of Investissements Éclo

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Eric Martineau-Fortin

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at White Star Capital

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Etienne Veilleux

Associé principal, Novacap TMT et fondateur, Distech Controls

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Edmund Murphy

President & CEO – Empower Retirement and Great-West Life & Annuity

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François Aird

President – CEDROM-SNi

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François Joanette

Former Chief Data Officer at BMO & Former Senior Partner at McKinsey

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Eva Lau

Co-founder & Managing Partner – Two Small Fish Ventures

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Gary Marino

Former EVP/Chief Commercial Officer – PayPal

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Guy Noël

Founder – GNR Cabinet de services financiers

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Hamnet Hill

Co-Founder & CEO at Smooch.io, Co-Founder of TotalNet

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George Ruhana

Partner – PEAK6 Investments

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Henri de Castries

Former CEO AXA Global

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Jean Raby

CEO – Natixis Investment Managers

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Jean-François Côté

Co-Founder & CEO – district m

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Jack Agrios

Lawyer, Director of the Edmonton Eskimos, Recipient of Order of Canada

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Jean-Francois Marcoux

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at White Star Capital, Co-Founder of Ludia

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Joe Lonsdale

Founder of Palantir, Addepar, and 8VC

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Joe Natale

President and CEO, Rogers

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Jeff Mitelman

CEO and Co-Founder – Thinking Capital

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Kamran Ahmed

VP & GM of ApToVision Products – Semtech

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Kevan Cowan

Former President at TSX and Group Head of Equities at TMX Group

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Kevin Forbes

President, Sussex Capital

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Jonathan Tetrault

Managing Partner at Sagard Holdings, Former EVP & COO at Cirque du Soleil

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Lester Fernandes

CEO – Segovia Capital

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Marc Alloul

Managing Partner W2/W3 – W Investments

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Marc Goines

Vice Chairman – Personal Capital

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Luc Bachand

Former Vice Chairman & Head BMO Capital Markets – Quebec

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Mark Britto

EVP Global Sales and Credit – PayPal

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Maxime Boissonneault

Angel Investor & Seasoned Entrepreneur

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Michael Beber

President & CEO of Exiger

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Martin Leroux

President and CEO – PayFacto

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Michael Litt

Co-Founder & CEO at Vidyard

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Mike Potter

Founder & Former CEO at Cognos

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Mike McCauley

Product Manager at Google X, Co-Founder of BufferBox

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Mike Cegelski

Managing Partner, Panache Ventures

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Nadir Mohamed

Chairman Alignvest, Former President & CEO Rogers Communications

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Nicolas Bélanger

Co-Founder and Managing Partner - W INVESTMENTS

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Nicole Junkermann

Founder – NJF Holdings

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Nicholas Thadaney

Former President and CEO – Global ECM TMX Group

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Norm Trainor

President & CEO – The Covenant Group

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Paul Sabourin

Chairman & Chief Investment Officer, Polar Asset Management Partners

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Pascal Pilon


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Paolo Notarnicola

Partner, BC Partners

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Pierre Donaldson

Chairman & CEO at nGuvu Technologies, Former Executive Chairman of Planora

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Razor Suleman

Founder & Former CEO at Achievers, Partner at Alignvest

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Ray McFeetors

Former President, CEO and Chairman of Great-West Lifeco

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Pier-Luc Gaudet

Co-Founder & CEO at Residencia, Co-Founder of Qualité Étudiants

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Ricardo Poupada

CEO & Co-Founder, 5th Wall, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

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Robert Frances

Chairman & CEO, PEAK Financial Group

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Rik Parkhill

Former CEO of CIBC FirstCarribean & Head of CIBC Cash Equities

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Reed Bousada

President, Bousada Interiors

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Ying Soong

Managing Partner, La Tourelle Capital

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Yves Poiré

Co-Founder & President of AdGear, Former President of Proximi-T

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Tom Monahan

Former President & CEO, CIBC Mellon

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Mathias Korder

CEO, Baselane

Thorben Scheidegger

COO, Baselane

Jad Yaghi

CTO, Baselane

Ian Jeffrey

CEO, Breathe Life

Arach Tchoupani

CTO, Breathe Life

Jean-Nicholas Hould

COO, Breathe Life

Sébastien Malherbe

CPO, Breathe Life

Malik Yacoubi

CEO, Nesto

Davide Pisanu

CEO, clearEstate

Pascal Brisset

CTO, clearEstate

Alex Gauthier

CPO, clearEstate

Elijah Moore

CEO, Collage

Steve Hanna

CTO, Collage

Peter Demangos

Head of Group Benefits, Collage

Cherif Habib

CEO, Dialogue

Anna Chif

CPO, Dialogue

Alexis Smirnov

CTO, Dialogue

Karim Benabdallah

CTO, Nesto

Chase Belair

Principal Broker, Nesto

Damien Charbonneau

COO, Nesto

Charles Assaf

CEO, Novisto

Marian Borca

CTO, Novisto

Edouard Clement

CPO, Novisto

Tyler End

CEO, Retirable

Ian Yamey

CTO, Retirable

Brian Ramirez

CMO, Retirable

Marc-Antoine Ross

CEO, StreamingFast

Alexandre Bourget

CTO, StreamingFast

Mathieu Boulianne

COO, StreamingFast

Peter Hazlehurst

CEO, Synctera

Kris Hansen

CTO, Synctera

Dominik Weisserth

Head of Product, Synctera

Sebastien Brault

CEO, Wingocard

Mehdi Mehni

Head of Product, Wingocard

Salvatore D’Agostino

CTO, Wingocard

Michael Mire

CEO, Pillar

Elena Litani

CPO, Pillar

Vincent Deschenes

CTO, Pillar

Kirill Gertman

CEO, Conduit

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Michael Gregson

CTO, Conduit

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Sunil Singh

CEO, Tallied

Mike Gionfriddo

CTO, Tallied